General Dentistry
Dental Fillings
Restoration of lost tooth structure with silver/metal, or resin/white materials. The silver is a mix of silver and mercury and is very durable over time. The tooth colored is a plastic resin with fillers but are less durable.
Digital X-Ray
An x-ray sensor that converts the image to an electronic form. (no film)
Tooth removal requiring the use of surgery to the soft tissue and or bone in order to remove a tooth/teeth.
The removal of all foreign material that has built up on the teeth.
The gums are called the gingiva. A gingivectomy is the removal of some gum tissue for esthetic or health reasons.
Intra Oral Camera
Any camera that takes pictures of the inside the mouth.
Mouth Guards
A piece of fitted hard or soft plastic the covers one of the arches to keep the teeth from touching each other (upper vs lower).
Night Guard
A mouth guard that is worn at night.
Periodontal/Gum Surgery
The surgical correction of the root ,bone and gums to arrest the disease
Root Canal Therapy
Treatment requiring the removal of all soft tissue in the center of the tooth then filling the void with a special caulking.
Stationary dental prosthesis (appliance) fixed to teeth adjacent to a space. A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth, cemented or bonded, to supporting teeth or implants adjacent to the space.
The portion of a tooth above the gum line. Also, a dental restoration covering all or most of the natural tooth.
Dental Veneers
The thin covering of mostly anterior teeth with porcelain. Used to correct esthetics, contours and color.
Dental Bonding
The thin covering of mostly anterior teeth with tooth colored composite filling material. Used to correct esthetics, contour and color.
Tooth Whitening
The whitening of the teeth using a form of peroxide. It can be done fast at chair side or slower at home.
A man made titanium metal substitute root to be placed directly into bone.
Removable (partial or complete) set of artificial teeth that is supported by the soft tissue and underlying bone.
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide is used with an inhalation apparatus in order to gain a mild conscience sedation. It is fully reversible with 10 minutes of oxygen only breathing.